Monday, October 8, 2012

Why I just hid all of my posts.

I just hid all of my posts because...

One, having all of those posts, happening as my life has been happening, is making me feel like my ex-wife-in-law can figure out who I am too easily. I'm thinking of republishing those posts later, so the timeline is off. 

Two, I need a break. Life has worn me out. Last night, when it was time to read bedtime stories, I made myself a cup of tea and then poured it into a wine glass, so none of my kids would ask me to make tea for them. That's lame. That's pathetic. That's too tired.

Now, the most important thing I have to say-- Thank you! I just adore you ladies! The women reading my posts must be, for the most part, stepmoms with a mentally ill ex-wife-in-law. I'm so sorry. I wish I was the only one. But, since I'm not, I think about you stepmoms all the time. When the poo hits the fan for me, I wonder who else is struggling through their day. I'm sorry you're dealing with similar poo, but it's been so good to know that I'm not alone. So for goodness sake, send me an email and say hi when you're needing a friend.

My love to you and yours!
Ms Taken


  1. So disappointed that you hide all your post.. I could really use someone to relate to.. I am about to scream!!!

  2. good luck having some you time! you were featured in the november issue of stepmom magazine, and so i found you again.. and you're missing. best of luck <3

  3. I understand your need to hide the posts. I often wonder if BM is reading my posts on other sites related to her illness or to me being a stepmom. Frankly, I'm not sure she even knows much about blogs and websites -- but it still makes me nervous saying things that identify me.

    And also my stepsons are much more on the web. And they often grab my computer (without asking) and I realize that I have spots in my favorite they could enter and scan in a heartbeat. Sure, they know their mom isn't well -- but they don't want me talking about it to others, I'm sure.

    So I understand. But I must say that reading your posts and having your humour interjected into our mad mad world was helpful. So I hope you are able to publish your posts again at some point. :-(

  4. I understand the need for being discreet and cautious with your post, but I too can't wait for your return.I have felt like I'm not fully understood for my position and what all it entails. I have friends that are step parents or married to one but the situations aren't quite the same.Most of my stories blow the minds of people so much that they just don't even know what to say about my experiences, other than the occasional "You should write a book!", or better yet, "That would make a great Hallmark channel movie!". It was so nice to find your blog and read about someone's own experiences that I could actually relate to.As you say, it's sad that others know the feeling yet it makes you feel good to know that there is some people out there who do understand. After reading your blog, I found the drive to make my own so I could safely vent a bit. Thanks!

  5. So bummed when I clicked on your blog (from stepmom magazine, of course!) and saw this post. Not because I don't understand (oh trust me, I totally do!) but because I was so looking forward to reading more of your work and commiserating about life and what have you.

    I will keep you on my radar in case you should ever return. I could really use it!

  6. Wow....was researching this topic to write about it myself...just to see if there were others. I'm sorry you've run into the trouble you have. I friend requested you on facebook, but I wouldn't be surprised if you don't accept. I hope you "unhide" soon as well. I wish you (and all of the others out there) well.

  7. So sad to see you hit your posts. I was so excited to read the bio of you on Stepmom magazine because I feel like few understand that stepparenting isn't The Brady Bunch. I wish I could find you elsewhere because I could really use an ally, even if its only in my own mind!